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About : Keriitleto

"All of your dreams can become true when you have the courage to pursue it!"

Hi there!
I'm Paya Roni and you can called me Aya.
I am Orang Ulu(Kenyah Badeng) from Data Kakus, Sarawak, Malaysia and currently based in Selangor, Malaysia.
I am married to Maclare.

What is Keriitleto?
Keriitleto means young girl
I know you never heard these words right? 
I take this word from Kenyah language and I choose it as my blog name because Keriitleto must be full of passion, dream big, work hard and smart toward any of her dream and stronger in faith.

Why I started
I started this blog after my big breakup in 2013. I was so lost and not sure what should I do with my life. I went to work as usual but I feel my life is empty and I feel so heartbroken. I was searching what should I do to make me able to move on, not to feel sad and at the same time, I'm trying to search for the lost me. During that hardest time, I read one book said and this sentence catch my heart and changed my life forever,
"If you lost love, don't go looking for it but looking for yourself". 
I don't want to looking for what I lost so I'm trying to recover myself by doing a new hobby and at the same time, I saw on the internet this statement" Blog your dream". I don't know what is blog that time. So, I search it on the internet and boom! I've been trying to create my website for countless time ('s totally DIY and start from scratch...haha). I learned a lot from this process.

What is this is about?
Mostly, the contents here are Kenyah girl's life experiences in KL/Selangor or my daily life, my wedding day, review some products and of course, my new life as a wife.

What do I make for a living?
I'm Software QA Engineer by the day, blogger by night/weekend and occasionally as a wedding photographer ( I take a break now to focus on adjusting life as a wife).

Hope you'll enjoy my blog!

Contact Info

Facebook: Keriitleto
Instagram: @keriitleto 
YouTube: Keriitleto Paya



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